{"lang_href":"http:\/\/www.ateliergiannililliu.com\/?page_id=12","content":"Far away from home, you can strongly breath the boundless power of your shore the extraordinary sense of belonging which suddenly matches with unlikely corners of the Big City.
\r\nDavid Begbie\u2019s biological shapes fabricated in steel mesh led to thoughts about bolstering femininity. Overwhelming inspirations are wisely filted through finest crinoline structures. Something hidden in a garment at the end on the 19th Century, is instead celebrated and crafted to manifest feminine silhouettes.
\r\nThe striking juxtaposition of Begbie\u2019s work further inspired the contrast of soft feminine cuts and silks with the hard edge of Crinoline.
\r\nGianni Lilliu\u2019s woman aims to feel confident in her hidden feminine strenght.
\r\nThe resolute flair of a sophisticated metropolitan Woman is enhanced in a blend of claimed Sensuality and Ageless Bon-ton.","title":"Collection","num_immagini":0,"immagini":[]}